Saturday, November 7, 2009


Those little slices of death, how I HATE them!" A great man once wrote these words and for me truer words have never been spoken. I despise sleep, not saying I'm overactive and can't rest or that it makes me feel lazy or that I'm one of those people that believe I'll sleep when I'm dead( Yeah right, the majority will be in Hell), unfortunately for myself I have a dark past and since finding God and purpose in my life I'm haunted by my dreams; and the demon that still rest inside of me seems to have his fun and amusement frolicking about in my subconsciousness as i attempt to slumber! Lucid and Vivid Nightmares haunt me before my eyes fully close as if he { the demon } has been awaiting anxiously for my time to end and his begin. No not nightmares like sweating and screaming but scenes of death, violence and mayhem that my mind seems much too comfortable with. Ironically, to the contrary sleep is the opposite of little slices of death but rather a much needed rejuvenating state [so it should be], but if death is an eternal sleep I get his drift. Take a look at it mathematically, let's say you are lucky enough to live to see 100 and you sleep the recommended 8 hours daily, this means you have spent 33 1/3 uninterrupted YEARS sleeping... how droll! Well good people that's it for now may your day be filled with misery and blessings just remember "long suffering is what makes joyous occasions so much more!"

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  1. if you didn't sleep, you would be not make it to 100 anyway...i think its funny how you intentionally contradict yourself...misery and blessings do not go together! anyway, i also hate sleep, but it is neccessary. lol!